Great Expectations

August 22, 2016

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.”
Charles F. Kettering

As the school year and fall sports begin, there are great expectations of straight As and championships. These expectations drive lofty goals and often cause people and teams to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

When expectations are expressed directly, discussed and supported, wonderful things often occur. When they are simply implied or not expressed at all, they often lead to disappointment and frustration. Unexpressed expectations lead to unmet expectations that pull people, organizations and communities apart.

For leaders, it is important to define your goals and expectations consistently and measure against them in order to make adjustments as conditions change. For those being led, it is important to ask directly what the expectations are, and convey your expectations in return.

For organizations and communities, it is important to talk openly about your expectations and seek feedback from diverse stakeholders. Expressing your goals and expectations will create dialogue. That dialogue will likely inform you about what is expected of you as a leader, and where the gaps exist.

It is a great time of year to check in with your colleagues, your constituents and your community.

Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

One Columbus is working in partnership with Columbus CEO magazine to publish a special section in October titled Columbus: The Region Where Retail Works. The section will highlight our area’s retail companies and thought leaders, highlighting the Columbus Region’s distinction as the home of the industry’s growth and innovation. To advertise, please contact Susan Kendall at 614-410-0692 or The deadline to reserve space is August 26.