Silicon Heartland

When Intel chose the Columbus Region for a record-setting investment in its newest chip manufacturing site, the Silicon Heartland was born.

By the Numbers

Businesses that are seeking a better option than the expenses of the east and west coast have found their home in the Columbus Region.

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A Talented Community

Intel selected the Columbus Region because it has all the necessary pieces to sustain major manufacturing operations. The Region’s high output of engineers, business professionals and skilled manufacturers means that Intel will not have to look far for great talent. Colleges and universities across the state have committed to chip-specific programs to fuel the talent pipeline.

Positioned for Success

Ohio’s geographically powerful location makes Intel’s mission of getting more chips into the domestic market a reality. Within a one-day drive of 45% of the U.S. population, Ohio is the perfect strategic location to bolster the supply chain. With a central position in the state and existing logistics infrastructure make the Columbus Region a strategically powerful transport hub for Intel’s raw materials as well as its products.

In the News

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