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Cost of living in the Columbus Region is 10% lower than the national average. Your business and your employees will spend less to thrive here.

Market Access

The Columbus Region has unmatched market access, with 60% of the population of the U.S. and Canada within a one-day drive.


The colleges, universities and vocational schools make the Columbus Region a top talent incubator for all key industries.

Economic Development Ecosystem

One Columbus and community partners can directly assist in growing and developing your business in the Columbus Region.

Make Headlines With Us

Businesses in the Columbus Region make global news on the daily as they innovate and create.

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    Global Companies Doing Business in Ohio Prevail in Columbus

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    April 24, 2023

    LG and Honda’s New Ohio EV Battery Plant in Ohio

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    What’s It Like Living in Columbus, Ohio?

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The Columbus Region’s key industries represent a diverse business community. From technical know-how to creative prowess, the talent pipeline keeps businesses at the forefront of their industries.

The Columbus Region is at the forefront of the automotive and mobility technology movement. The Region produces nearly 650,000 cars each year, contributing to an economic output that exceeds $2.7 billion annually.

A diverse biomedical and health services sector is home to research and development organizations, renowned medical systems, medical manufacturers and more.

From global banking companies to highly successful venture capital funds, the Columbus Region supports both finance and fintech startups and established national players.

The Columbus Region graduates more than 4,000 people from academic and vocational institutions annually who are primed for jobs in the Region’s thriving insurance scene. A strong history in this sector attracts and keeps top talent who want to work for industry disruptors. 

Ranking 4th among large U.S. metros for concentration of retail headquarters, the Columbus Region is a brand-friendly market that is home to some of the world’s most recognizable retail and apparel brands.

The Columbus Region is the site of Intel’s next chip manufacturing facility—the first of its kind in the Midwest. Logistical advantages and robust educational capabilities make the Region a strategically sound choice for advanced manufacturing operations like Intel’s.

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The Columbus Region is set up for success—your success. Companies find that the Region has everything they need to take business to the next level.

The Columbus Region’s relatively low cost of living aids in recruiting top IT talent whose salary will stretch further. The IT community is deep, experienced and growing each year as tech innovators carve out new homes away from Silicon Valley.

Companies that want to skip the price tag and inclement weather of the East and West Coasts have found their sweet spot in the Columbus Region. A thriving and collaborative business community helps new members establish themselves and grow.

With a geographic advantage and status as a logistical hub mitigate supply chain challenges and makes doing business easier. With a foreign trade zone, cargo-dedicated airport and multimodal hub, businesses can easily connect with any part of the world.

The Columbus Region’s long tradition of manufacturing yields a workforce that is proud of what it does and trained in the needs of manufacturers. Over 1,700 manufacturing establishments maintain operations in the Columbus Region to take advantage of industry expertise.

Top R&D organizations, research-focused universities and other industry leaders catalyze research and development in the Columbus Region. An innovation ecosystem encourages businesses to rise to greater heights.

Economic Development

Businesses in the 11-county Columbus Region benefit from a robust economic development infrastructure. One Columbus, the economic development organization for the Region, works with both state and local partners to help new and existing businesses grow in the Columbus Region.





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Our team is on hand to help your business find its place in the Columbus Region. Together we’ll secure your growth and future in our thriving ecosystem.