Clean Energy Solutions

The Columbus Region helps businesses meet their corporate sustainability goals through numerous programs and initiatives.

Clean Energy Partners

Clean Energy Partners (CEP) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 of the Columbus Partnership, dedicated to helping companies, nonprofits, and government agencies understand and navigate the complexity of installing solar power generation onsite.  We will help determine a solution to fit the needs of your facility in terms of capacity and location. 

The Process

We will then solicit a Request for Proposal (RFP) on your behalf and collect responses from a wide range of solar installers, both local and national. Once the responses are returned, we help you understand which is the best fit for your situation. We can provide this service for any of your US-based facilities. As a neutral third party, our goal is to provide options that fit your energy and sustainability needs. Clean Energy Partners is an Ohio PUCO Authorized Broker and Aggregator.

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Mark Patton

Executive Vice President
Clean Energy Ventures

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