Strengthening the Industries of the Future

Anchored by a rich history of manufacturing and trades, the Columbus Region is driving progress and innovation in advanced industries.

Key Industries

Innovators are making their marks on the Columbus Region’s ever-growing business landscape. Learn more about the industries that thrive in our business landscape.

Automotive and Mobility

The Columbus Region is at the forefront of the automotive and mobility technology movement. From designing the vehicles of tomorrow to being a major parts and components producer, the Columbus Region is shaping the automotive landscape.

The regional economic output for the automotive industry exceeds $2.7 billion annually, and the region produces nearly 650,000 cars annually.

Logan County houses the Transportation Research Center—the largest independent vehicle testing and proving grounds in the United States.

Fashion and Retail

Some of the world’s most recognizable retail and apparel brands drive global trends from the Columbus Region. Ranking 4th among large U.S. cities for concentration of retail headquarters, the Region is a brand-friendly market.

A microcosm of the national population that has led to a test market identity, global brands know that if a product is successful in Columbus, it will likely be successful on a larger scale.

Finance and Fintech

Global banking companies and fintech organizations call the Columbus Region home because of its robust talent pipeline. The Region’s supportive economy helps both startups and established companies find new ways to grow.

The Columbus Region houses JPMorgan Chase’s second-largest employment market in the world, with over 20,000 employees based here.

Over the past decade, the Columbus Region has seen an explosion of highly successful venture companies, including the nation’s largest non-coastal VC fund.

Four adult men standing over a prep table covered in food. One of the men is talking about the produce in front of them.

Food and Beverage

With a strong manufacturing base, highly-sophisticated research and development capabilities, and fast access to industry and consumers, the Columbus Region is uniquely positioned for all aspects of the food and beverage industry.

Ohio’s complete food value chain, coupled with a versatile infrastructure, abundant fresh water, and a competitive business climate, gives companies like G&J Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Mars the ability to produce goods and deliver products to market with greater efficiency.

Insurance and Insurtech

National insurance and insurtech companies drive the industry from their seats in the Columbus Region. The success of household names like Nationwide combined with the growth of industry disruptors like Root Insurance has created an unrivaled insurance and insurtech ecosystem.

Each year, nearly 40 academic and vocational institutions in the Columbus Region graduate over 4,000 people primed for jobs in the insurance industry with degrees in business, finance, communications and more.

The Columbus Region’s insurance ecosystem opens doors for insurance and insurtech companies to strategically collaborate and continue building the stable community in which all companies can grow.

Life Sciences

The rapidly expanding biomedical and health services sector in the Columbus Region improves lives around the world. The dynamic life sciences industry includes research and development organizations, renowned medical systems, medical manufacturers, and more.

A diverse life sciences community includes the world’s largest contract research organization, a Fortune 16 healthcare services company, and Ohio’s first healthcare unicorn.

A top talent incubator, The Ohio State University ranks in the top 10 nationally for biological and biomedical science doctorate completions.

Semiconductor Supply Chain

New to the Midwest as a whole, the Columbus Region’s latest key industry was born from Intel’s investment. The semiconductor supply chain and the Columbus Region are a natural fit thanks to educational capabilities, existing pipeline, and logistical advantages.

The Region’s education entities are already crafting custom programs to help fill the 3,000 new direct jobs that will result from Intel’s $20 billion investment.

The Columbus Region’s ample land options and built-in site selection make it easy for large-scale manufacturing operations like Intel to find the space they need.

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