July 13, 2020

“Yes is the answer.  What is the question?”
― Cameron Mitchell Restaurants Company Motto

I love Cameron Mitchell’s restaurants. The food and the unique ambiance of their many restaurants are always special and have marked many client dinners and family celebrations.

As I picked up takeout from a Cameron Mitchell restaurant this weekend, I missed enjoying the buzz of a full dining room, but was reminded of the personal and authentic service culture that has become the hallmark of their brand.

Service never goes out of style and is more important than ever. Let this short note serve as a simple reminder of the extraordinary power of respecting those you serve and serve alongside, attending to the needs of your clients and colleagues and anticipating their unexpressed wants. Brands like Cameron Mitchell, Ritz Carlton and many others have instilled these values in every aspect of their teams.

To honor the millions of service workers that have been impacted by the events of 2020, let’s all keep our radar on and antennas up for the needs of our customers, coworkers, and fellow citizens. Let’s have a great week.
-Kenny McDonald