Hiring the Best

April 15, 2013

The asset most sought after in today’s economy is talented people. Both companies and communities seek people with the core skills and characteristics that add value and reduce costs.

Because I work on the community side, I’ll speak from that perspective in this post.

If communities could “hire” their citizens, who would they choose? Who would add the most value to a community and have the greatest benefit to an area?

Predicated on economic development, I would hope to see a community that is:

  • Educated – more education yields greater income potential.
  • Skilled – people who have not only pursued an education, but who’ve acquired work competency and experience.
  • Diverse – a variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences add originality and authenticity to the workforce.
  • Global – people who are globally aware with an appreciation for global differences help a community gain a competitive edge.
  • Healthy – good health yields strength and energy.
  • Open – people who are open to new ideas, calculated risks and different ways of thinking. Unique perspectives help cultivate innovation.
  • Entrepreneurial – it’s valuable for a community to possess people prone to starting enterprises that add value and create jobs.
  • Forward-thinking – new fields emerge constantly, and technology evolves at an increasingly rapid rate. The ability to stay smart and nimble in the face of constant change gives communities an edge.
  • Collaborative – quite simply, we’re better together. We’re stronger when we focus on a common goal -resources are maximized, ideas flourish and success breeds more success.*

Given that communities do not get to “hire” their citizens, what can they do to ensure that citizens are moving towards these attributes? What would you add or subtract from the list above?

Kenny McDonald

*How does the Columbus Region stack up against this list? Our community comprises a population that is younger, more educated and faster-growing than the national average. Columbus is the most intelligent city in the U.S. and nearly 70,000 jobs in the Region are tied to global exports. We’re also a top-ranked location for small business, women entrepreneurs, tech jobs and more. And when it comes to collaboration, we are setting the standard and being touted as a model of what an economy can do.

One Columbus Update

  • The team is currently attending the FDI Forum in St. Louis, discussing the latest factors driving international site selection and foreign investment.
  • This week, the team is heading to the Angel Capital Association 2013 Summit in San Francisco, an event attended by more than 800 angel investors from around the world. The Ohio TechAngel Funds , based in Columbus, comprise the largest angel network in North America. Three members of OTAF will be speaking at the summit.
  • Next week, we’ll be in Orlando attending ACG Capital Connection, the capstone event during InterGrowth 2013. We’ll be among 2,000 professionals who represent private equity firms, corporate development, law firms, accounting firms, lenders and more.
  • We’ll also attend the 3D Printing Expo in New York, to network and learn more about this niche, high-growth industry.