Use Your Platform

June 29, 2020

“In today’s hypercompetitive environment enabled by technology, ownership of infrastructure no longer provides a defensible advantage. Instead, flexibility provides the crucial competitive edge, competition is perpetual motion, and advantage is evanescent.”
― Geoffrey G. Parker, Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy–and How to Make Them Work for You

It has indeed been six months that shook the world, as this summation offered by the Wall Street Journal suggests. Institutions and core beliefs have been rocked on their heels. Of course, some truths are emerging from all of the disruption.

First, the need for agile, principled based plans is a necessity. If your strategy was to adhere to a rigid, time-based action plan, you will need to start over. If your plan was based on solid principles of the economy then you can pause to address tactics, adjust your team, and keep moving.

Second, resources have been diminished for the foreseeable future. Budgets will be squeezed. The need for entrepreneurial thinking and people that are comfortable moving forward without all of the variables defined will be highly regarded. Pooling resources through regional organizations is not a luxury, but has once again become a necessity. Leveraging your invested dollars as a city or county is critical to extend the reach and effectiveness.

Third, platforms that offer shared resources for collaboration will soar in importance and utility within your community. Instead of having individual organizational structures, common platforms that allow for cost savings, transparency, and bring together unique partners will soar in importance.

Finally, use your platform as a place of comfort. Platforms convene people, they share best practices, they sharpen each other through debate and discussion. Use your platform as a “safe place” to hold the tough discussions and gain perspective. Perspective is everything right now.

All of this was true before the past six months hit us, but in the next six months it will determine who rises and who lags behind.

Special Note: Please #MaskUpCbus. Social Distance. Wash your hands. Most of all, treat one other with respect and as ladies and gentlemen. It will go a long way toward getting us back on our feet sooner rather than later.

-Kenny McDonald