Where Semiconductors, EVs and Green Power Converge

The Columbus Region is primed for Global Competition as a U.S. Tech Hub.

By One Columbus / September 21, 2023

An illustration representing a computer circuit board and a car chip.

Central Ohio is breaking thresholds for available talent and becoming a hub for emerging industries and billion-dollar startups. Ranking No. 7 in Site Selection Magazine’s Top 10 Metro Areas with 89 new and expanded facilities in 2022 — including Intel’s $20 billion investment and Hyperion’s nearly $300 million investment — the Columbus Region is where companies find partnerships, collaboration and growth.

From electric vehicle companies like Hyperion Motors and Honda Motors to semiconductor EV design and manufacturing firms like Intel, the Region is an all-inclusive destination for technology-driven businesses.

Hyperion electric vehicle in front of facility

Interconnected Industries

When the semiconductor shortage reached its peak in the first half of 2021, it was a major disruptor across most electronically based industries. Everything from consumer electronics to automobiles to lighting fixtures were impacted, with a single-day closure of an international fab causing a potential year-long production delay in the United States according to a Harvard Business Review study.

With global integrated circuit (IC) companies like Intel and Tosoh finding their homes in the Region, Central Ohio is flexing its vitality for adjacent industries. Case in point is Honda’s recently announced a $297 million investment into a new $3.5 billion EV battery facility near Jeffersonville in Fayette County.

Semiconductor materials can also be used in electrochemical cells like lithium-ion to facilitate the discharging performance of batteries. And with recent investments from lithium-ion battery research company EVE Energy for a new research facility in Delaware County, the Region is setting a new bar on all things electric and sustainable.

The Columbus Region is also a top producer of automotive innovation with 650,000 cars produced annually by companies like Honda and Hyperion Motors. In Logan County, the Transportation Research Center provides dedicated independent mobility testing for the world’s leading transportation companies.

Suppliers such as AGC and the Piston Group benefit from being in a hub of advanced automotive production, with the former receiving Honda Motor’s Supplier Award in the sustainability category for 2022.

Sustainability in the Semiconductor Industry

The Columbus Region is home to an abundance of companies and research centers dedicated to strengthening sustainability and green technology while decreasing their environmental impact. One notable initiative is Smart Columbus, which launched in 2016 and continues to enhance clean mobility options in the Region. Through various projects and public and private partnerships, Smart Columbus has been instrumental in fostering sustainability in the semiconductor industry and electric vehicle sector.

Another key player in Columbus advancing renewable and energy efficient energy technology is the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at Ohio State University. CAR has been at the forefront of electric vehicle research for decades, particularly in the development of low emission SuperTrucks and other commercial vehicles.

Organizations like One Columbus are also actively collaborating with green energy businesses throughout the Region, helping them remain competitive in securing grant funding from federal initiatives such as the CHIPS and Science Act. This collaborative approach allows companies to continue to develop and implement innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

Success Factors Growing Businesses in the Columbus Region

Being in proximity to suppliers comes with an abundance of competitive advantages. Businesses can streamline their supply chain, leading to reduced lead times, transportation costs and enhanced responsiveness to market demands. It can also facilitate long-term partnerships and collaboration, with the opportunity for joint research and development.

One company that has taken note of the Region’s expanding opportunity in EV industry is EVE Energy North America. In late 2022, the lithium-ion battery manufacturer announced it would build a new R&D facility in Lewis Center, Ohio to help with the development of its products that are used in everything from the Internet of Things (IoT) to consumer electronics.

EVE received a $1 million R&D Center Grant from Jobs Ohio to boost green energy jobs, expertise and commercialization in the Region. The new facility will be home to a solar-powered liquid cooling storage cabinet which will be integral to the development of EVE’s new laser welding technology for battery assembly.


The Columbus Region is becoming a hub for semiconductor, EV and green technology expertise. Interested in growing your business in an industry-leading environment? Contact our experienced automotive & mobility team or our semiconductor experts to learn about the available resources to grow your company in the Columbus Region.

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