Today, Tomorrow and the Next Day

April 6, 2020

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Economic development certainly matters as we’ve said on this blog for 10 years, but it is a second priority as we work through the eye of this public health storm.

We are proud of the steps that have been taken by Governor DeWine’s administration, our federal delegation, and our locally elected leaders. We are awed by our healthcare institutions and the healthcare warriors that are truly the front line of our defenses against this virus. We are thankful for the business owners and corporate leaders who are taking both individual and collective steps to mitigate the negative effects of this economic crisis. We are empathetic of the challenges this has placed on the non-profit partners that help to provide a safety net for the thousands that suddenly need direct assistance.

These are all of our partners in economic development in good times as well – and they are indispensable and interdependent allies now. Not one part of the system is sufficient when it acts alone, but as we’ve often said, we are hard to beat when we stand together.

The time will come to discuss the future of our economy, and we are steadfastly working toward that future already, but our focus right now is on the stabilization of our public health system, our communities and individual companies.

The Columbus Region, the great state of Ohio, the United States and the worldwide economic system will return to functionality once again. We will meet together – not soon enough – to chant O-H-I-O, and we will rebuild in ways that make us even stronger than before.

Today, tomorrow and the next day, let’s work on making things better in small ways. Let’s keep our heads down on the problems we must solve. And let’s keep our hearts up, thinking of the bright future that we will create together.

-Kenny McDonald


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