“There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” -Bruce Lee

June 6, 2012

Elite athletes and everyday dieters know plateaus only too well. Last week’s national job numbers, the continuing threat of a Euro-crisis, and even a slow-down in China are all signals that a global economic recovery has reached such a plateau. How will we fight through this plateau? Government efforts to artificially stimulate the economy through quantitative easing, etc., are largely tapped out, and companies remain cautious to invest and create jobs.

So how does that make this economic developer feel? In a word–excited. It is always most frustrating right before we break through to achieve the unimaginable. I’m excited by the government leaders that are doing a lot with less revenue, practicing good government and moving their communities forward; and I’m excited about the great non-profit entities finding new ways to help people in need and to create better civic infrastructure. Finally, I am more excited about companies old and new, small and large, that are now better, stronger and faster than they’ve ever been.

The last 5 years have made the U.S. into a steely-eyed competitor hardened by the economic crisis, it has always made us more compassionate–as is many Americans have had to suffer through the social consequences of the economic stress. Companies are in search of quality communities with a growing talent base, access to the global marketplace, and predictable, competitive costs. Ohio has all three elements. We represent the recovery, and it is up to us to represent it well–to continue to break through the plateaus, to get better every day, and create our own future.

One Columbus Update
Please see this week’s fortune magazine article on Mark Kvamme, the Chief Investment Officer of JobsOhio. Mark is one person that took a leap of faith for Ohio, and is quickly learning about the great opportunities that we have to act upon. Mark’s goal of assisting one million people is being achieved each day that his team at JobsOhio moves forward. They are assisting existing companies, marketing the state around the world, and working with communities and companies to remove obstacles to job creation, capital investment, and a better future.

Our team wants to thank the dozens of companies and investors that joined us in Dublin last week for the Memorial Tournament. What an incredible tournament and congrats to the City of Dublin and the entire Columbus Region for being a great host! We look forward to the Memorial next year as well as the President’s Cup in 2013!

-Kenny McDonald