March 7, 2022

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

We are all encouraged to reach for the stars, to build our economies into mighty fortresses, to increase jobs and wages, and to generate investment to fuel businesses and cities.

These are worthy and appropriate discussions, but as we watch the destruction of Ukrainian cities and lives, and all that has been built up for decades, I am reminded of the power of the most modest goals of freedom and peace.

People all over the world want relatively simple things: To live in a safe community, to send their children to good schools, to have basic human freedoms and to be able to house, feed, and care for their families. Ukraine reminds us of this in the extreme, but it is also true in our own communities. As the world seems to leap from crisis to crisis, let us remember that most want to peacefully move through their day and to live without harm.

​​​​​​As leaders, our greater ambitions can and should only be pursued in parallel to these modest goals. The intensity and resources focused on our growth must be equaled in our work to provide for the basic needs of all people.

Let us lift each other up this week, celebrate the freedoms we possess in this great country, help those in great need throughout our communities, and continue to strive for great things.

For those who want to help Ukrainian refugees, Governor DeWine has provided this list of reputable organizations to aid in decisions about where you can donate.

-Kenny McDonald