June 14, 2021

“You’ve got to dream a little bit if you’re going to get somewhere.”
-George Shultz
It is beyond fulfilling to be with colleagues, teammates, clients, and friends again. Little things seems more and more normal each day, and it brings a flood of thoughts ranging from gratitude to wonder. I, as I suppose you do, have things I’m proud of and also some regrets. I wish I had done some things differently during the pandemic (learned a few languages, become an endurance athlete, etc.), but in general I’m just glad we’re finally in a better place.

I find myself making three kinds of lists. First, the things I/we can do better now. We learned so much in the past 15 months and I for one don’t want to lose all that has been gained as we go forward. Second, the “never again” list, which lays out what to do so I’m better prepared for volatile turns in life and the economy. Finally, I am making a “back to it” list. All of us did some pretty great things pre-pandemic and haven’t been able to use these skills in a while. If you are in the relationship business, the back to it list means that you have to get back to the ways that have made you successful leading up to the last few years.

These start out as personal exercises, but as you will see, your lists will turn to your organization and community. I’d love to know what is on your lists

Let’s have a great week leveraging what we’re better at, preparing for the future, and using the fundamentals that helped us succeed in the past.
​​​​-Kenny McDonald