Key Industries

Advanced Computing Services

The Columbus Region has the infrastructure—long-haul fiber, robust and reliable electric service, water and land—needed for data center development.

Competitive rates and one of the nation’s best tax climates make the Columbus Region a desirable location for data centers and advanced computing operations.

The operating environment in the Region is favorable with a low risk of natural disaster. The Columbus Region is safely removed from major earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and volcano zones—and its moderate climate with mild temperatures keeps cooling costs low.

With no tangible personal property tax in Ohio, qualifying data centers can receive an exemption on sales and use tax for data center equipment and construction materials.

The Columbus Region is home to over 50 data centers  – including large campus locations for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Facebook – and many corporate owned facilities. Assets like the Ohio Supercomputer Center are here, providing supercomputing, cyber infrastructure, research, and educational resources.

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