January 9, 2023

“People doing good work feel good. People doing exceptional work feel exceptional. Accomplishments contribute greatly to satisfaction.”
-Mark Sanborn

The near tragedy of Damar Hamlin of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills last week reminded us of the bonds that are possessed by great teammates. The emotions of the people in the organization who spend hundreds of hours together in pursuit of their goals and come to know and love each other in the process, were on display as one of their own was nearly lost.

Organizations are built to accomplish things. Good teams help them do it. Great teams help them achieve more than they ever imagined. Great teams believe in a cause greater than themselves and the individuals fight hard to make their teammates better and also to do their own jobs with excellence.

As we build up our communities economically and socially in the months ahead, let us take inspiration from great teams. The cause of economic development is big enough–the future of your community is counting on your competency and creativity, as are thousands of lives. Invest the time and energy to make your team extraordinary this year, invest in each other as teammates, and expect excellence.

​Let’s have a great week.

– Kenny McDonald