Diversity — Channeled

June 25, 2012

In London later this summer, the United States Olympic team will emerge from a tunnel at the opening ceremonies and take their place among nations.  It will be noticeably diverse.  Men and women from different parts of our country, different ethnicities, and truly amazing storylines will form a team that will proudly represent our country and come together to compete against the rest of the world.

This diversity has, and remains, our country’s greatest advantage.  Without a uniform, it may be difficult to tell which team an American Olympian is on.  The uniform is representative of the great support and system to find people from all  corners of our country and give them – and our nation – an opportunity to succeed.

It is said that innovation for innovation’s sake is of no use – it has to produce something.  I would argue that diversity for diversity’s sake is also of no use – it must have a purpose.  Some studies have even argued that diversity isn’t always a point of civic strength.  When channeled, however, as with America’s Olympic team, it is a point of insurmountable power.  Diversity applied to difficult problems provides a comparative advantage envied by those who cannot channel it and
infuriating to those who intentionally ignore it.

One Columbus Update

Congrats to the Columbus Region for securing funding to support the East-West corridor at Rickenbacker.  A sustained effort by many helped to convey that this project was a priority for Ohio, Central Ohio, and the logistics corridor from Virginia to Chicago.  Great job!

Our team is in Atlanta early this week at a major human resource manager’s conference to build relationships and learn more about what type of talent our clients are seeking now and what they will need in the near future.   Our team is also in
California this week calling upon companies and listening to customers.