September 28, 2020

“Work alone is noble.” 
-Thomas Carlyle

Economic development certainly has “seasons” when there is more going on than other times. The spring and fall are typically the busiest times, when corporate teams are working through location issues, making site visits, and advancing the ball from board meeting to board meeting. Construction and development activity is at full tilt as well, and new projects are being planned right now for the next “season.” This year, I questioned whether that would happen – but it seems that the time after Labor Day to Thanksgiving is as frantic as ever.

My encouragement is to focus on the incredible amount of work we have to do and to begin to simply knock it down item by (hopefully prioritized) item. There may have to be some early mornings or late nights, but let’s remember that is very typical this time of year. Embrace being busy – in fact – let’s be grateful for it. In April, when we looked ahead, we certainly didn’t know if this would be the case.

There are times to relax, to unwind, to step back, and there are times to move the ball forward, to grind away at the items within your control, and truly make progress.

Let’s have a great week of W-O-R-K!

-Kenny McDonald