Welcome to the Columbus Region

March 18, 2013

When you land at Port Columbus International Airport, the airline attendant always provides you with a quick “Welcome to Columbus.” It’s a bit overlooked as you turn your cellphone back on and begin to collect your luggage, but it is important to say. Whether you are a student, an international visitor, an experienced IT professional or a manufacturing worker, we truly do hope you stay long and prosper.

Attracting and retaining talented people is important to our success, and connecting people with opportunities in our region can accelerate our economic growth.

The Columbus Region has had a positive net migration of nearly 15,000 people over the past two years. Columbus is Ohio’s only metro area have positive net migration during this period.

Each and every person who arrives here brings perspective and talent. We welcome you. We ask that you reach out to connect and that you tell others of our area’s success. And if you know of other talented people in search of a region that is growing, smart and open, ask them to consider the Columbus Region.

-Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • Thanks to everyone who helped Matt McCollister and Deborah Scherer with their trip to Japan, and congrats to Matt and Deb on a job well done. They had many successful meetings with growing companies considering the Midwest and Ohio.
  • We traveled to Chicago last week to spend time with clients and watch our Buckeyes win the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament – just one more way the great talent in our region has been showcased!
  • Our team is in South Carolina this week attending the IAMC Spring 2013 Professional Forum.
  • We are headed to Washington, D.C. with our partners from Licking County, where we’ll meet with representatives on Capitol Hill to demonstrate the strength of the Licking County business community.

Here in Columbus, we hope to see you at the following events this week: