The Freedom to Achieve

January 16, 2012

Our society is becoming polarized politically and economically. Rising inequality in educational and economic opportunity are real issues that states and cities are wrestling with daily. Political rhetoric and 24/7 media coverage only exacerbate these issues. Globally, it feels as if the gap is closing. Millions and millions of families that have been impoverished or repressed by class systems are now becoming free to be educated and earn a living.

It would be fascinating to know what our country’s founding fathers or leaders from other challenging times in our country’s history would think of this era. However, today is a celebration of the life and leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. He came of age as America was fighting unpopular wars, segments of the population felt alienated, and the country was under threat from another superpower. There is no way to know exactly what Martin Luther King Jr. would say about our current issues, but I suspect he would rise to meet the challenge.

He would certainly be amazed by how far we’ve come, and I suspect he would be disappointed with how far we have to go in providing an environment where everyone is free to achieve their full potential. On this day, let us honor Dr. King’s leadership by recommitting to creating that environment.

Columbus2020 News and Notes
Congratulations to Honda on their announcements from the Detroit Auto Show last week regarding a new plant in the Central Ohio to build the Acura NSX and in launching the redesigned Accord Coupe. This is great news for the Columbus Region and for the State of Ohio.

Our team is preparing for several short trips to speak with active clients and is already preparing for two international trips that will be taken in the spring. Most importantly, our team is busy working with local companies on a number of expansions that will fuel local growth and job creation.