Thank You, Builders

November 19, 2012

Of the many things that I am grateful for as an economic developer, I may be the most thankful for those who develop, build and improve the places we go to work each day. We are blessed to have great architects, savvy developers, and local contractors bringing integrity and creativity in their everyday work.

This group of people, and the thousands who work for their firms, make real what others only imagine. I was reminded of this at the NAIOP Central Ohio Awards Gala last Friday evening. We have a great local chapter of NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association.

We often forget the people who turn steel beams and concrete into the structures that define our communities and our everyday lives. In the same way that farmers are environmentalists, those who care most about the integrity of how things are planned and built are the people who make it happen.

The development industry is sometimes vilified and often taken for granted, but the risk that it takes to shape our business parks, downtown skyline and neighborhoods should bring amazement and gratitude.

So, thank you to those who design, plan, procure, dig, mix, and construct the “built environment.”