Testing the Limits

April 23, 2018

“One earnest worker can do more by personal suggestion to prevent accidents than a carload of safety signs.”
-Making Paper

Two events last week reminded me of the great responsibility we all have to protect workers and citizens every day.

First, I took a manufacturing plant tour of Abbott Laboratories, where Similac and other products are made here in Columbus. The experience would remind anyone of the workforce protections and product safety precautions that are taken by great companies and facilities. Significant expense and care goes into protecting the products that sustain life for newborns around the world, and to protect the workers of a fast-paced, highly automated plant.

Second, this past week’s airline tragedy caught every traveler’s eye. Our hearts are with the victim’s family and the entire Albuquerque community. Regular travelers often take for granted the astonishingly good safety record of our airlines. Planes and crews operate with such efficiency that we don’t often think of the stress that they are under as they move around the country and the world nearly nonstop.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is worth pausing once in a while to consider the impact of safety. Some stats to remind us:

  • Over 3,500 lives are taken because of distracted driving each year.
  • The top 10 most-cited violations for 2017 from OSHA can be seen here.
  • There are 220,000 victims of sudden cardiac arrest per year in the United States, and about 10,000 sudden cardiac arrests occur at work. Placing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) can save lives.

Some actions for this week:

  • Put the phone down while driving.
  • Start team meetings with a safety topic focused on an everyday issue. It could lead to small actions that can save a life.
  • Sign up for CPR training. Thousands of class options can be found through the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association, and many local hospitals and municipalities make classes available in their communities.
  • Thank a safety officer or airline employee for what they do, and ask a few questions about what you can do to make the workplace a bit safer.

Let’s have a great – and safe – week.

-Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • This week, the One Columbus team is in Europe meeting with companies. Back at home, we’ll host companies considering the Columbus Region.
  • Next week, our team will travel to Des Moines for MAEDC’s 2018 Best Practices Conference.