January 2, 2023

“Change is supremely inconvenient, uncomfortable and naturally scary. Yet we only move through the process of change, reinvention and renewal, and so bravely is your quintessential rebel for pushing us past our own limiting beliefs and behaviors. Bravery is feeling the fear, immersing yourself into it and through it so you can come out the other side.”
-Christine Evangelou

Milestones offer an opportunity to mentally refuel, to renew your goals, and to deepen the resolve to accomplish them. It has been 33 months since the pandemic began and a rolling set of crisis changed our global economy and our perspective about our lives and our work. As we begin a new year, my hope is that you are where you want to be, have a clear set of goals, and are energized to tackle them.

I hope that you have bold ambitions for the new year and a support network to help you as you pursue whatever it is that you, your organization, or community are striving to achieve. I hope you are refueled with energy, have a renewed optimism about the world around you, and have established a resolve to push through to the next milestone.

Let’s have a great year, lift each other up, and move forward.

– Kenny McDonald