Putting All Options on the Table

February 26, 2018

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”
-Mark Twain

We live in an era of rapid change, most of which is thrust upon us through technological innovation and economic competition. It is a rational response to want to slow things down, to resist change. Sometimes this is exactly the right thing to do. Change for the sake of change isn’t strategic or wise. Sometimes change is necessary, however, and the status quo must be challenged.

This week, let’s challenge the strategies and processes that we are applying towards our biggest problems. Are we considering all options now available to us?

Let’s ask why we continue to operate in the same ways in a wave of economic competition and innovation — whether it’s the sacred cows of your economic strategy you’re questioning, or a basic business process in your community. Can you do it better or differently? Do you need it at all?

Finally, let’s challenge each other with facts and respect. Everyone is under pressure to solve community and business problems, and the path to find solutions will not come from anger or accusation, but from honest debate and thoughtful deliberation.

Let’s have a great week of growing our economies and lifting each other up.

-Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

Next week, the One Columbus team will be in Las Vegas for HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition.