WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Columbus Region Leaders React to Gov. DeWine’s Establishment of New Silicon Heartland Supplier Consortium

November 20, 2023

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Columbus, Ohio – Today, Governor Mike DeWine announced the establishment of the Silicon Heartland Supplier Consortium. This consortium’s significance extends beyond Ohio’s aspirations to become one of the nation’s two new semiconductor clusters; it also positions the Columbus Region as a vital hub in this burgeoning industry. The collaborative effort underscores the importance of unity and strategic planning in positioning Ohio as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing.


“Governor DeWine should be commended for forming this consortium to develop and support the semiconductor industry in Ohio.  This effort is another example of our collaboration and commitment to the technology industry, to the Ohio communities that will benefit from this growth and development, and the strategy to reestablish the United States as the leader in semiconductor innovation and manufacturing.” – Kenny McDonald, President & CEO, The Columbus Partnership

“The semiconductor industry continues to be a platform for creativity and innovation as technology becomes more and more demanding. TSMD has supplied high-purity materials to the semiconductor industry for over 30 years in the form of sputtering targets and alloyed powders. Being part of this consortium is a monumental opportunity for our company. It’s this partnership that is empowering us to expand our operations in Grove City and invest in cutting-edge technologies, while also boosting the local supply chain ecosystem. New federal investment will fortify the Columbus Region’s semiconductor sector, creating a thriving environment with endless opportunity.” – Joseph W. Buckfeller, President and COO, Tosoh SMD, Inc, Semiconductor Supplier

“The development of the Columbus Region’s new semiconductor sector is a testament to Ohio’s longstanding tradition of groundbreaking innovation. Battelle’s expertise in applied science and technology advancement aligns seamlessly with the consortium’s objectives, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration and discovery. Additional strategic investment will enhance our capabilities and also propel the Columbus Region forward as a global center for semiconductor technology. Together, we are shaping that future and ensuring that innovation thrives.” – Lewis Von Thaer, President and CEO of Battelle

“Our mission has always been to empower individuals with the skills needed for success in emerging industries. With our consortium’s focus on workforce development, we are poised to equip Ohioans with the expertise they need to have a place in the semiconductor sector. This investment ensures a brighter future for the workforce, enhancing job opportunities, and elevating Columbus Region as a prime destination for semiconductor talent.” – Lisa Patt-McDaniel, CEO, Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio

“Intel’s historic investment and the establishment of this consortium offer a unique opportunity for our students and researchers to continue to actively contribute and prepare for opportunities in the semiconductor industry. By working collaboratively, we can provide cutting-edge education and research discoveries that directly align with the evolving needs of the semiconductor sector making the Columbus region a global hub for generations to come.” – Peter J. Mohler, PhD, Acting President and Executive Vice President for Research, Innovation and Knowledge, The Ohio State University

“The Columbus Region’s establishment as the premier tech hub on the Midwest has created a pivotal moment for economic empowerment and inclusivity in our community. Increased investment in the semiconductor sector will do so much more than drive technological advancement — it will open doors for diverse participation in the innovation economy. This collaborative effort ensures that economic growth is inclusive, creating opportunities for historically underrepresented communities to thrive in the technology sector. Together, we can foster an inclusive economy where everyone can contribute and benefit, propelling Columbus forward as a model for equitable technological progress.” – Stephanie Hightower, President and CEO, Columbus Urban League

“For Ohio’s Building Trades workforce, becoming the Silicon Heartland is about far more than constructing buildings; it’s about constructing a foundation for sustainable, well-compensated jobs that our members specialize in. The growth of the semiconductor industry in Ohio opens doors for our workforce, offering meaningful opportunities to build, maintain, and contribute to the infrastructure that supports technological progress. This initiative stands as a beacon for inclusive economic development, ensuring that the benefits are shared across all facets of the workforce.” – Matthew A. Szollosi, Executive Director, Affiliated Construction Trades

“Increased investment in the Columbus Region’s semiconductor industry not only enhances our students’ access to cutting-edge training and employment opportunities but reinforces Columbus as a knowledge center for advanced technology. We are all-in on this extraordinary moment, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the semiconductor industry at the dawn of the Silicon Heartland. We are thrilled to lead the region’s efforts to prepare students for high impact careers, which will help propel inclusive economic mobility across the Columbus Region and throughout Ohio. As semiconductor manufacturing continues to grow throughout our region, Columbus State stands ready to expand the talent pipeline for years to come.” – President David Harrison, Columbus State Community College


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November 20, 2023

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