WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Columbus Region Leaders React to New Federal CHIPS Funding Coming to Intel

Columbus Region Leaders React to New Federal CHIPS Funding Coming to Intel

March 20, 2024

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Columbus, Ohio – Today, President Joe Biden and the U.S. Department of Commerce announced $8.5 billion in direct funding and up to $11 billion in loans under the CHIPS for America program, billions of which will support operations at Intel Ohio. The grant award secures the future of the $28 billion semiconductor facility. This investment not only strengthens the U.S. semiconductor industry, but also enhances national security by reducing dependence on foreign suppliers, all while establishing a tech stronghold in the Columbus Region. The new plant is scheduled to be completed by 2027.


“This investment is vital to completing the Intel project, and it’s why we wrote the CHIPS Act – to make Ohio a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. Today’s announcement is a major step forward in our work to create thousands of good-paying jobs, strengthen our supply chains, and bring manufacturing of this crucial technology back where it belongs: Ohio. I’ll keep fighting to ensure that Ohio workers lead the world in producing the technologies of the future.” – Senator Sherrod Brown

“Today’s CHIPS announcement isn’t just great news for Intel. It’s a well-deserved victory for Ohio and Ohio workers. Our state is playing a central role in revitalizing the critical industries that were developed here in America but lost to decades of offshoring. I’m doing all I can in the Senate to ensure Ohio stays on the cutting edge of rebuilding American industry and retaking the lead in semiconductor innovation.” – Senator JD Vance

“Intel has consistently maintained that the speed and scope of their investment in Ohio would be impacted by the timing and amount of the CHIPS funding. Now that funding is finally available, I expect the pace of construction to pick up which will lead to an immediate increase in construction jobs and an expanded supply chain beyond the already robust 359 Ohio businesses involved today. It is also great to see that Intel will increase their initial investment in Ohio from $20 billion to $28 billion.” – Lt. Governor Jon Husted 

“Today’s announcement is one more critical step in a national effort to build a more resilient economy and improve our national security. Intel, the State of Ohio, the City of New Albany, Licking County, and so many other public and private partners have come together in unprecedented ways to advance this project in the past two years. This federal investment leverages all these investments and fulfills the intent of the CHIPS & Science Act. Thank you to the CHIPS for America team, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the White House for their diligent work to make this day a reality.” – Kenny McDonald, President & CEO, Columbus Partnership

“Megaprojects legislation in 2021, the DeWine-Husted administration’s leadership, alignment with Ohio’s Legislature, and support from Ohio’s bipartisan delegation to pass the CHIPS Act to ensure federal funding for construction are all examples of collaboration to move the project forward. With today’s announcement of CHIPS funding for Intel and Ohio One, the United States has come on board to show the world that Ohio is leading the way to bolster the semiconductor industry’s return to being made in the U.S.A. for the betterment of our nation’s economic prosperity and defense.” – J.P. Nauseef, President and CEO, JobsOhio

“The awarding of CHIPs dollars speaks to the vital importance of the semiconductor industry for our state and our country. Columbus State is working hard right now to help future technicians understand the opportunity and develop the skills that will power an industry and change thousands of lives for the better. When those fabs are ready, Columbus State will have trained hundreds of Ohioans with the skills they need to make the most of this generational investment. We stand ready to help build a brighter tomorrow for America’s Silicon Heartland.” – President David Harrison, Columbus State Community College

“At Ohio State, we are preparing our students to be leaders and innovators in the U.S. semiconductor industry through cutting-edge research and education to help transform our state and nation’s economy. Funding through CHIPs means these opportunities will continue to be available here in Ohio, and we are proud to do our part to amplify the impact of this investment as we collaborate with industry and public sector partners in the Columbus Region. It has been a great team effort to make today’s announcement a reality.” – President Walter “Ted” Carter Jr., The Ohio State University

“Two years ago, Intel unveiled their vision to make Ohio home to two of their brand-new, leading-edge chip factories. Their initial $20 billion commitment is the single largest capital investment in Ohio’s history, laying the groundwork for thousands of construction and manufacturing jobs right here in Licking County. This could not have happened without the State of Ohio’s commitment to the project. The recently announced CHIPs and Science Act funding is the next critical step for strengthening U.S. manufacturing leadership, protecting our national security, and boosting Ohio’s economic prosperity. The future is brighter for kids in Ohio today because of this investment.” – Congressman Troy Balderson

“The Biden administration’s CHIPS investment in Central Ohio will have far-reaching, generational implications for our community and the nation. Its transformative potential for education, research, workforce development, manufacturing, and business is boundless. Thanks to this historic investment, Ohioans will lead the way in onshoring key 21st-century jobs and rebuilding America’s technological and manufacturing dominance in the semiconductor space. My leadership in shaping and passing the CHIPS and Science Act, realizing its game-changing potential for Central Ohio’s communities, makes this milestone particularly rewarding. I am grateful to have to President Biden, Secretary Raimondo, Intel, and our regional partners for their commitment to ushering in a new Silicon Heartland right here in Central Ohio.” – Congresswoman Joyce Beatty

“This investment will ensure that the next generation of semiconductor manufacturing is created right here in Ohio by hardworking Ohioans. It will also go a long way to making the Silicon Heartland a reality. That’s why my colleagues and I within the Ohio delegation fought so hard to get the CHIPS Act across the finish line.” – Congressman Mike Carey

“Today’s announcement is a massive win not only for Intel, but the entire state of Ohio. These funds are crucial to help Intel build the Silicon Heartland in Ohio, and it will ensure our entire state is able to realize the full potential of their historic investment. The Ohio Business Roundtable, through the work of the Ohio Grants Alliance, was proud to work with our partners around the state to ensure Intel’s application had the full support of Ohio’s business community.” – Pat Tiberi, President & CEO, Ohio Business Roundtable

“The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is thankful to the federal government for their investment in this transformational opportunity for the state of Ohio. The Intel megaproject will not only bring more than 20,000 good-paying jobs to Ohio, but it will also provide enormous opportunity to business, communities, and families in all corners of the state for generations to come.” – Steve Stivers, President & CEO, Ohio Chamber of Commerce

“We’ve always known Intel’s investment in central Ohio would be a game changer for the state, bringing jobs and opportunities for many residents. Today’s announcement of CHIPS Act dollars for the project guarantees it will happen. Thank you to the Biden Administration and Congress! As the region prepares for new jobs with workforce training, and additional water and road improvements, I encourage leaders not to lose sight of the need for housing across the region. We must consider housing as infrastructure to assure our success is equitable.” – Mayor Andrew J. Ginther, City of Columbus

“The decision by the United States Department of Commerce to fulfill the application of the CHIPS Act for the historic investment by Intel in Central Ohio is applauded by the City of Johnstown and is vital to the success of the Silicon Heartland and our community. For too long, other countries have invested in businesses to lure them away from our shores, the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act is the first step in reversing this decades old practice. This funding will help strengthen America’s national and economic security by incentivizing investments in domestic semiconductor manufacturing and creating a more resilient supply chain for the semiconductor industry. We are proud Intel is calling Johnstown home and that the federal government is supporting this effort.” – Mayor Don Barnard, City of Johnstown 

“This CHIPS funding represents an important step in our nation’s effort to substantially increase domestic manufacturing of computer chips. This is a national defense issue as much as it is an economic issue. American military hardware, along with the computers and electronic goods that fuel our economy, should be powered by American-made chips. Here in Ohio and New Albany, specifically, we are excited about the future with Intel locating here and their commitment to build the Silicon Heartland.” – Mayor Sloan Spalding, City of New Albany

“This news confirms what we’ve long hoped for – the Columbus Region is ready to open its doors to a massive new sector of the economy. What this means for the underrepresented communities of Columbus can’t be overstated. By working together, public and private partners have put in the work to ensure that this growth is inclusive of the growing diversity that our city is experiencing. This investment not only brings the promise of opportunity, but also paves the way for meaningful participation and advancement for all members of our community, regardless of background or circumstance. It’s a testament to our collective efforts in building a more equitable and vibrant Columbus for generations to come.” – Stephanie Hightower, President and CEO, Columbus Urban League

“Ohio’s history of innovation is strong and continues to expand with the addition of Intel’s global center for semiconductor technology. Battelle is proud to be at the intersection of the partnerships and collaboration taking place across our technology ecosystem, and we are excited for our region’s future.” – Lou Von Thaer, President & CEO, Battelle

“The federal government’s investment in Intel’s Ohio operations as part of the CHIPS and Science Act will have a profound impact on the efforts of Central Ohio Technical College (COTC). Our college’s mission to recruit, train, and prepare a significant and sustainable workforce in semiconductor and advanced manufacturing will be tremendously enhanced through resource allocation across our service region. Students representing Appalachian communities, minority-serving districts, and rural and urban populations, will all find significant, life-enhancing career pathways in industry sectors that will enable our country to reshore, retool and secure our nation’s technology infrastructure. This is a momentous occasion and COTC is proud to be a partner in developing the silicon heartland!” – President John Berry, Central Ohio Technical College

“The Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council applaud this award, on behalf of the diverse union tradesmen and women who are trained and ready to build Intel in Ohio. We are proud to partner with our nationally elected leaders to make domestic semiconductor manufacturing a reality in our state. Ohio’s union Building Trades are committed to ensuring the Intel project in Central Ohio will be completed on time to bring this much needed industry back to the United States.” – Mike Knisley, Secretary & Treasurer, Ohio State Building and Construction Trades Council

“We’re expecting this funding to further elevate the already intensive interest we’ve seen among Ohioans who want to be a part of our region’s advanced manufacturing future. The needs of the Columbus Region’s burgeoning semiconductor industry are going to be vast, and we’re up to the task of filling those needs. We look forward to working with all our key partners to make sure Ohio families are poised to secure the future they’ve hoped for.” – Lisa Patt-McDaniel, CEO, Workforce Development Board of Central Ohio

“Intel’s transformative investment in Ohio represents a monumental opportunity for Columbus, the State of Ohio, and the United States. We at COSI are thrilled to witness this landmark announcement that will drive economic growth and innovation through robust public-private collaboration. As a longstanding leader in science education, COSI eagerly anticipates enhancing our partnership with Intel and community stakeholders across our innovative American heartland and beyond. Together, we will inspire and develop the next generation of STEAM leaders and pioneers whose curiosity and ingenuity will fuel revolutionary advancements for decades to come. This historic investment paves the way for an incredibly exciting future.” – Dr. Frederic Bertley, President and CEO, the Center of Science & Industry (COSI)

“Today’s announcement is just the latest in a long string of economic development victories for Ohio manufacturing. By strengthening one of the most vital links of our supply chain, Ohio continues to prove it is the home of modern manufacturing – now and for decades to come.” – Ryan Augsburger, President, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association

“The Building Trades is excited the Administration is providing CHIPS money that will ensure work on the Intel project here will stay on schedule and continue long into the future. We are committed to our partnership with Intel & Bechtel to training the next generation of workers and giving everyone in our community the opportunity to get on the Direct Path to the Middle Class.” – Executive Secretary-Treasurer Dorsey Hager, The Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council


For Immediate Release
March 20, 2024

One Columbus Media Contact
Jon Keeling

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