Precious Time

August 29, 2016

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”
-Nelson Mandela

I know that summer isn’t over quite officially over yet, but the kids are back in school, Labor Day is this weekend, and yes, football is back! While we can’t wait to watch our beloved Buckeyes start their season on Saturday, it is tough to say goodbye to the summer each year. The roughly 90 days of summer always pass too quickly. Did we prepare well for the coming fall?

There are 70 days left until the national election. Closely watching the Federal Reserve and the Presidential election, it’s easy to conclude it is an uncertain time. Business does not embrace uncertainty, and we will be glad to see these 70 days pass quickly. We appreciate the leaders willing to run for elected office, putting it all on the line to serve at a local, state or national capacity. We hope they debate intensely and advance new ideas to move us forward with respect and integrity.

Finally, there are 124 days until the New Year. We should use them wisely, strive to achieve the goals we set last January, and make adjustments for an ever-changing landscape in business and government.

Perhaps the most important day is the one we have in front of us.

Have a great week and a safe and fun Labor Day weekend. Go Bucks!

-Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • Tomorrow, the Columbus Council on World Affairs, Mid-Ohio Development Exchange and One Columbus will host a global fluency learning session. Participants will learn how to communicate and interact more effectively in business situations with individuals and companies from the Italy, India and Israel. This session will be held again in October. Click here to register.
  • This November, One Columbus will host a customized, multi-sector trade mission to Mexico for Columbus Region companies looking to establish and/or expand their market in Mexico.