Positive Energy

October 29, 2012

Each week seemingly brings a mountain of meetings, challenges, small crises, and new opportunities. How do you keep pace and remain energized so that others can draw energy from you and your team?  From your community?

This past week I was personally lifted by a number of people and experiences. As always – clients first. The One Columbus team has the great opportunity to work with expanding/growing companies and last week was no exception.  Seeing the energy that they bring to their focused efforts to add jobs and capital and to grow their revenues is motivating to say the least. The GE Capital/Ohio State University Center for the Middle Market held their annual conference and it was filled with great leaders of hundreds of great companies forging ahead with their growth plans. We owe them the best we have given the risk they are taking and the energy they are putting forward to create economic growth.

Second, I had the opportunity to offer thoughts about the alignment of education and economic development through a process that Mayor Coleman has created to gain feedback and insight for the Columbus City Schools. The link between education and economic development could not be stronger and it was a great experience to be at a local high school with educational leaders, including our great allies at Battelle and Columbus State. We have a lot of work to do to align our efforts even more, but visiting a school and seeing their students and dedicated local leaders is motivating. This is one challenge should energize all of us.

Finally, Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA) held their annual meeting in Dublin this past week. Congrats to OEDA for a very successful conference. Economic development practitioners met to discuss moving Ohio ahead, to celebrate our collective progress as a profession, and to discuss meeting the challenges of a tough economy. Local practitioners, workforce officials, economic development finance professionals, utilities, and private practitioners were all in attendance to discuss THE most important topic of today’s times – jobs and economic growth. The bottom line is that we have a lot of work to do – but the room was filled with positive energy from people that make it their business to “make it happen” across Ohio. Thanks to all of our partners and colleagues there that brought their positive energy to the Columbus Region to discuss these important topics.

Let’s take time to thank those around us this week that bring positive energy to their work and their organizations.

One Columbus Update

  • Congratulations to the entire 2020 team and investors on winning two awards at the OEDA meeting!
  • Our team started the week in Denver for corporate calls before heading to Los Angeles for more meetings and the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors’ Annual Conference.
  • Women in Economic Development Forum – Katie Murphy Hamilton and Patty Huddle spent two days in Chicago with female economic development peers from across the US and a select group of female professional site selection consultants. Participants shared their experiences learning best practices while debating and exploring near and future economic development opportunities and threats. According to the consultants, aerospace has become the new “life sciences”.  Many communities are pitching themselves as being perfectly aligned to provide the best location for aerospace companies.  Many, if not all, consultants acknowledged an awareness of One Columbus and the Columbus Region. Our work is being recognized and the power and appeal of the Region is becoming increasingly known. Katie and Patty returned renewed energy and focus. They and the rest of the team look forward to 2013 and the opportunity to collaborate with more businesses and community partners to strengthen and grow the region.

Let’s have a great week!

-Kenny McDonald