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Director, Customized Workforce Recruitment and Training

Tim Harman

Business Development and Project Management

Role and Responsibilities

Tim partners with Columbus 2020 clients to provide them assistance with talent sourcing, attraction, screening and training strategies.

Tim is an experienced human resources professional with a successful track record of implementing talent acquisition, college recruiting, and diversity and inclusion strategies. Known for his ability to build highly effective cross-functional teams and contribute to business growth and development, Tim has consistently enhanced recruiting and retention efforts for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Awards and Recognition

  • Diversity First Award, Ohio Diversity Council, 2010
  • Most Outstanding Company for Diversity & Inclusion Enhancement Award, The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, 2009
  • President’s Award for Business Improvement, Ashland Inc, 2009

Past Experience and Education


  • Director Talent Acquisition, College Recruiting, Diversity Outreach & Disability Services, MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas, NV
  • Manager Talent Acquisition, College Relations , Diversity & Inclusion North America
  • Ashland Inc, Dublin, OH


  • Bachelor of Science, Business Management and Human Resources , University of Toledo

Board and Community Involvement

  • President, Central Ohio Diversity Consortium
  • Volunteer, Friends of Nevada Wilderness


Why do you live in the Columbus Region?

The Columbus Region provides a richness of resources enabling a healthful lifestyle. Access to arts, entertainment and nature allow for a balanced life. The people of our community are collaborative , considerate and forward-thinking about how we can help each other and our global neighbors.

Why do you work in economic development? 

I’m able to leverage skills I gained across multiple industries to help existing and new businesses find success in hiring and training people in our community. There is great reward in utilizing my experiences to help others.