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One Columbus Strategy

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Columbus 2020 is now One Columbus

One Columbus, the economic development organization for the 11-county Columbus Region, has set forth a vision for the Columbus Region to be the most prosperous region in the United States.

To support that vision, the One Columbus team, working in partnership with state and local partners, will be focused on helping existing businesses grow and compete, diversifying the economy through the attraction of new businesses and supporting newly formed high-growth enterprises.


One Columbus Strategy

THE VISION: To be the most prosperous region in the United States.

PROSPERITY DEFINED: The process by which more and more people in a region improve their economic and social well-being.

The One Columbus strategy was developed after extensive market research and input from business and civic leaders. The research helped define four critical imperatives for the future:

  • Sustain our economic momentum by continuing to make economic growth and prosperity a top priority.
  • Develop, inspire and attract a talented, adaptive and diverse workforce to compete for investment.
  • Enable the innovation capacity of businesses, academic and government sectors to grow dynamically.
  • Increase global identity and connectivity.

Key objectives have also been defined for the One Columbus organization and its pursuit of current and emerging industry growth. As we work together to realize our new vision, the One Columbus team is committed to working with its local and state partners to achieve results greater than the last decade, predicting a 10-15% increase in jobs, payroll and investment while focusing on removing barriers to growth and prosperity.

For an overview of the One Columbus strategy, click here.


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