PAST Foundation

Inviting the world to design, construct, and engage in experiences that link learning to life

Imagine a world where students of all ages leap out of bed in the morning, anxious to experience the day. Where innovation and curiosity are key components of their learning. Where passion is uncovered and where infinite possibilities and pathways are waiting to be explored.

Welcome to PAST Foundation, an educational think-tank conceptualized by an international group of anthropologists. PAST (Partnering Anthropology with Science and Technology) began with a really simple idea: how do we bring more real world experiences to students to generate interest in STEM fields of study?

PAST delivers innovative educational models across the globe through strategic, consultative and school design support—and all from its Columbus headquarters. With all that Columbus has to offer, from diversity to festivals to innovation, Columbus was an excellent choice to feature PAST Innovation Lab, the nation’s first independent educational R&D facility. Joining forces with Columbus giants such as AEP, Honda and Battelle, PAST brings business and industry into the mix of educational transformation.

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