Continental Office

Creating memorable experiences through the delivery of intentional spaces.

Continental Office

Continental Office creates memorable experiences through the delivery of intentional spaces so our clients are inspired to change the way they work and think. We’re passionate about delivering customized solutions based on business goals. Whether you’re creating, building, or maintaining your space, we’re here to help with furniture, floors, interior construction, and branding.

We’re a team of 250+ creative problem solvers who bring new ideas to life and believe great spaces only matter if they work. And, we know that even the most inspiring spaces are only as great as the ideas that are created inside them and the purpose they serve.

All it takes to make something incredible is vision, purpose, and the space to bring it to life, and that’s why we love Columbus. It’s a beautiful “space” and community, and has been our home for more than 80 years, Community is also a big part of our DNA and we’re proud to work in such a giving city. That’s why we love partnering with amazing organizations like Pelotonia, Furniture Bank, YWCA, Columbus Museum of Art, and so many others.

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