National Infrastructure Week

May 15, 2017

“All the resources we need are in the mind.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

It’s Infrastructure Week 2017, so first, a note of gratitude to city and county engineers across the United States and here in the Columbus Region. You keep our freight and our people moving, help our kids travel safely to school, and you continue to innovate with very scarce resources. Your efforts are too often below the radar, and as economic developers, we know your indispensable contributions to strengthen our economy. Thank you.

Piecing the future together won’t be easy, as problems continue to mount and new technology solutions continue to emerge. But, I’m more excited each day about our ability to meet the challenges and new paradigms of our biggest infrastructure problems.

Last week, Siemens contributed to the Smart Columbus effort with a donation of hardware and software to accelerate the piloting of new technologies across our region. These contributions and local projects are important steps in creating the connected infrastructure necessary for us to advance new modes of mobility and help us invest in other areas of infrastructure.

Mega-projects slated for the U.S. speak to both the challenges and the exciting future of infrastructure in America, and you’ll find more on the world’s mega infrastructure projects here. For a look at smart growth in rural areas, check out these toolkits and accompanying webinar.

-Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

This week, the One Columbus team is in Italy to meet with companies. Back at home, our team is hosting companies evaluating the Columbus Region.