My Kind of Wargame

July 30, 2012

America’s economy was dramatically transformed by the development of railroads and the country’s intrastate road system. Metropolitan regions emerged and died according to how connected they became to each system. As a major logistics hub, the Columbus market is positioned well for the next advances in transportation, but how and what will be required by 2040 is a conversation and a cause worth fighting for.

Last week Booz Allen Hamilton released the results of a “wargame” simulation focusing on the infrastructure needed for 2040. The overview creates more questions than it provides answers – but it is critical work that should not lie on a shelf. These are important issues that – very thankfully – the Columbus Region has some great people thinking about.

In today’s very tight times, it is easy to dismiss proposals such as these, as economically impossible (which some of the proposals just might be), but it is critical to ask the question as to what the economy will require. Given the ever-increasing speed of business – what will it take to move people and goods from place to place? Who will develop the systems and technology to make it possible and how can we position the Columbus Region to be a benefactor of these innovations?

One Columbus
Another busy week in economic development news – and the coming week should be even better! Congratulations to the Wexner Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic for their hard work to develop a partnership that will certainly provide economic dividends for the region for years to come. Thank you and congratulations to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for another stellar golf tournament!

Thank you to Ambassador Guoxiang Sun, Chinese Consul General (New York office) for visiting the Columbus Region. JobsOhio and One Columbus were able to host him and make introductions to some of our most passionate and valuable international allies.

Our team returns from China this week after dozens of meetings with companies, industry associations and officials. The work they are doing to develop relationships and prepare for a return visit this fall is amazing.

On Saturday I flew to Kansas City as a guest of the Hunt Family. I want to thank the Columbus Crew, Lamar Hunt Jr., Mark McCullers and his entire organization. We toured Kansas City and some of the terrific things that their city has invested in. Most importantly, the Crew won an exciting game on the road! If you haven’t already considered attending the next game – it is terrific fun.

I would also like to thank each of our 11 counties in the Columbus Region for setting up meetings with their boards of director, public and private allies and those in leadership in our communities on our summer tour to discuss economic development priorities. We’ve learned a lot and I look forward to writing and speaking more about this in the very near future. Much appreciated.

-Kenny McDonald