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A Midwest Dining Mecca

What better way to familiarize yourself with a city than eating and drinking your way through it? Columbus’ plethora of food tour options attest to its exceptional cuisine. Explore the city’s acclaimed gastronomy through tours organized by neighborhood and cuisine style, or alcohol pairing—or try out some of the recommendations below!


Locals and visitors agree that Columbus offers an outstanding culinary experience, with creative chefs, entrepreneurial restaurateurs and easy access to fresh, local and artisan product.


The Columbus Region craft beer scene keeps growing and changing, and boasts 45 local craft breweries. They range from highly regarded production breweries to neighborhood nano breweries and everything in between. Columbus beer styles focus on using Ohio grain and an increasing amount of local hops.

You can explore it through the Columbus Ale Trail and check out more here.


Coffee roasting is as much of a science as wine-making in Columbus, with quality coffee shops all across the Region.

The Columbus Coffee Trail is the perfect way to taste what happens when quality and collaboration come first.

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