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Low Cost, High Value

Ranked one of the coolest cities in the Midwest, Columbus also tops the list of places where your buck can stretch the farthest.

The overall cost of living the Columbus Region is lower than the national average, and lower than the state of Ohio. Housing is competitively priced and costs for healthcare, transportation and utilities are near the national average.

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Cost of Living

With cost of living 10 percent more affordable than the U.S. average, dollars earned stretch further in the Columbus Region than in other higher cost metros.
Metro Adjusted Annual Salary
St. Louis $55,188
Louisville $54,171
Phoenix $52,632
Charlotte $51,975
Detroit $51,600
Salt Lake City $51,493
Austin $51,282
Atlanta $50,505
Pittsburgh $50,201
Cleveland $49,407
Minneapolis $47,664
Denver $44,643
Baltimore $42,735
Chicago $40,453
Los Angeles $33,784
Boston $33,738
San Francisco $25,920
New York (Manhattan) $20,956
Source: The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), 2017.