Manufacturing as an Innovation Strategy

October 2, 2017

“It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?”
-Henry David Thoreau

If you attend a manufacturing or supply chain conference these days, you will likely attend sessions on blockchain technology, the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning, or the possibility of NAFTA and other trade policy changes. We are living in interesting times!

The economy has grown for 99 straight months, with manufacturing retaining its important piece of that growth — even as jobs within the manufacturing sector stayed the same or decreased over the same period. This is because the use of technology has resulted in dramatic productivity gains.

Manufacturing is a cornerstone of the Columbus Region’s economic growth strategy, and we strongly believe it is the player that makes everyone else better. An area that is good at manufacturing is one that has a skilled workforce, competitive operating costs, and a location that can receive and distribute materials and finished products at today’s breakneck pace. Strong manufacturing centers are also on the front lines of change in the global economy.

The first Friday of October was proclaimed National Manufacturing Day in 2012. This Friday, October 6, thousands of events will be held across the United States to celebrate the companies and people that make things. Ohio is one of the leaders in celebrating manufacturing as an innovation strategy. You can find an Ohio Manufacturing Day event here.

We hope you will take time to visit a manufacturer, or simply look into the impact of the great advances being made in the manufacturing industry.

-Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

Our hearts are with Las Vegas. To the victims and their loved ones, and to the entire Las Vegas community, you are in our thoughts and prayers.