Location, Location, Location

November 30, 2015

Location matters. Have you ever passed by a gas station because it was on the wrong side of the road, or made a decision about whether to eat at a restaurant based on its available parking? Have you passed by a closed down factory and wondered why it closed? The location of a business, whether a large operation or local storefront, can have dramatic and profound impact on its success.

Location is critical to business operations that depend on talent. In today’s labor market, where skilled people can be selective about where they work, it is important to be in a location that allows your company to retain and attract talent.

For transportation-sensitive logistics and manufacturing operations, the location of your business is important for the same reason, but even more complex as there are big differences between utility districts and transportation capabilities.

It is also critical to understand how different countries, states and local governments tax operations.

Finding the right location for your business – small or large, local or global – makes a critical difference the success of businesses. Location decisions should not be taken lightly or emotionally, which is important for communities to understand. Are you providing the services, transportation infrastructure, technology, and business environment that mitigates your natural weaknesses and enhances your strengths?

Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • Economic Development 411 is this Friday. In its fourth year, ED411 brings together economic development professionals, civic leaders and business leaders to learn about building a stronger economy. This year’s program includes four industry experts providing insights about the future of manufacturing, infrastructure, technology for local governments, and marketing your community to win. 
  • Next week, the One Columbus team will head to Chicago for MAEDC’s 2015 Mid-America Competitiveness Conference and Site Selector Forum and Orlando for Area Development’s Consultants Forum. We’ll also travel to California to meet with companies and consultants.