Jobs and Security

May 13, 2013

Our generation faces a significantly different security challenge than our forbearers. The security challenges of today, including both threats against our nation and our person, are unique because of sweeping technology advancements and the generation, analysis and aggregation of personal information.

The information technology revolution is beginning to ignite innovations that will change the way we act and interact. National security, cyber-security and personal security are often positioned as a threat, but they also serve as a wonderful opportunity to develop personalized medical and financial information that could improve and even save lives.

We all have unique fingerprints, hand structures and even heartbeats. Innovative companies and entire industries are being developed to protect and improve products based on the model of mass customization.

In the Columbus Region, Dublin’s HealthSpot is innovating based in part on the growth of medical records, Battelle is improving security for both commercial and government entities, and The Ohio State University is improving food security around the world – just to name a few.

It is arguable as to whether the world is more dangerous because it has become “smaller,” or if it’s more dangerous because the threats that we face are now different. Either way, billions of dollars and millions of jobs are being created to meet these new challenges.

Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • We’re pleased to welcome the newest member of the One Columbus team. Sean Grant joins us today as Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Tomorrow is the Columbus Region Logistics Council Job Fair. Dozens of companies are recruiting for several positions in the logistics industry – please encourage job seekers in your network to attend.
  • The One Columbus team will be in Europe this week and Japan next week, to meet with companies considering investment in the United States. We’ll also be visiting companies and consultants in St. Louis and Washington, D.C.
  • Ohio Aerospace Day is June 5. The Ohio Aerospace & Aviation Council will host a strategic assembly of government, industry, and academic leaders to discuss the future of the aerospace and aviation industry in Ohio.