It’s Time to Build

February 23, 2015

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.
-Tom Peters

Great companies are built by those who create new markets and innovate old ones. Communities are built by those who develop the policies and infrastructure that allow commerce to flow and creators to create. Public-private partnerships exist to bridge the gap and allow projects to develop that wouldn’t otherwise occur. All of these things attract people and investment. All are required for success, and they’re more important and more possible than ever before.

The ability to start and scale a company has been aided by technology, support from the community and the free flow of information around the world. Communities don’t have to rely on a single company or the vision of a few to create a great place. Public-private partnerships are strong and business and government are working together as never before, especially at the local level.

There are those in the world who want to return to a different era. An era during which only a few had the information, know-how and access to capital to achieve great things. There is no returning to that era. The lid is off the bottle. So what should we build today?

  • The world’s best workforce — trained and motivated talent that helps companies innovate and compete globally
  • The world’s best infrastructure — pathways that allow goods and ideas to move globally
  • The world’s best companies — innovators that serve customers and solve real consumer problems globally
  • Resilient communities — places that inspire pride in their citizens, and are able to attract people and capital globally

We have few excuses and many obstacles. Let’s begin.

Kenny McDonald

One Columbus Update

  • Great news for travelers came last week when Southwest Airlines announced that they’ll add add nonstop service to Boston and Oakland from Port Columbus International Airport. The new flights begin in August and fares are on sale now.
  • This week, the One Columbus team will embark on two international business development missions—one in the UK, and another in Japan. Partners from the City of Dublin will travel with our team in Japan. We’ll also be in Puerto Rico for the Site Selectors Guild 2015 Annual Conference.
  • Back at home, our team will host several companies evaluating the Columbus Region.