It is not enough…

March 26, 2012

We all work hard and care about economic development because it is a way to create better quality of life for our friends, neighbors, and future generations. It is not enough. It isn’t enough to create a dynamic economy, or to have beautiful parks, public art, and inspiring cultural amenities. It isn’t enough to have schools that rank well and a burgeoning international community. It is only enough when our most vulnerable feel safe, have fair opportunities for success, and the whole becomes greater than its parts. Acts of violence, hatred and even subtle acts of prejudice created out of a sense of fear have no place in healthy communities.

Economic development is the practice of creating a sense of abundance in our communities – the intentional act of making the economic pie bigger so that more people have access to shelter, security and a better life. Nonsensical acts like those in Florida last month and across the world each day will likely always occur, but the act of reaching out, of providing a helping hand, often in the form of economic opportunity, can alleviate some of these senseless acts and make the world a better place. Let’s commit to working harder to create a sense of hope and abundance throughout each and every community.

One Columbus Update
Here we come New Orleans! We are so proud of our Ohio State Buckeyes for their achievement of reaching the Final Four. What a great way to showcase the whole university and the Columbus Region to the world. President Obama was at Ohio State this past week talking energy and learning about some of the great research going on right here in Columbus (he also picked The Ohio State University for the Final Four). Similarly, Licking County dedicated an entire day to understanding the economic opportunities being created by the rapid expansion in the oil and gas industry in Ohio. I applaud Rick Platt from the Licking County Port Authority and Central Ohio Technical College for putting on an informative event. Glad to be a part of it. We also applaud the efforts of the City of Columbus and several surrounding communities to work together so that the process of finding sites and understanding local programming makes more sense for both the private sector and local governments.

Finally, I want to welcome home, at least for a few days, Deb Scherer from the 2020 team. She has been in India speaking with dozens of growing companies considering the U.S. market, and deepening relationships with the business community in India established during 2011’s trip with Franklin County and Commissioner O’Grady.

Let’s keep up the great work. Only two more to go Buckeyes!!