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The Future of New Manufacturing

The Columbus Region represents the future of new manufacturing. Alongside traditional industry giants, the next generation of visionary leaders is emerging with new goods for the modern consumer. Altogether, more than 1,700 manufacturers employ nearly 87,000 people.

Located in the center of Ohio—one of 10 states with lowest effective tax rates for both new capital-intensive and new labor-intensive manufacturing facilities, as ranked by Tax Foundation and KPMG—the Columbus Region offers the greatest access to the U.S. market, world-class resources and a competitive workforce with a private sector unionization rate of 4.6 percent, below peer metros and the national average.

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Quick Facts

  • One of the lowest private sector unionization rates in the country, at 4.6 percent. —Unionstats, 2018, 3 year average

  • Manufacturers can reach more of the U.S. and Canada within a day’s drive from the Columbus Region than from any other major metro. —ESRI, 2017

  • Over 30 universities, colleges and career & technical schools offer industrial-related educational and training programs.

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