Core sectors


The Columbus Region represents the future of new manufacturing. Alongside traditional industry giants, the next generation of visionary leaders is emerging with new goods for the modern consumer. 

Home to diverse manufacturing operations that span industries from automotive and electronics to machinery, materials, aerospace, and consumer goods. Some of the world’s largest brands manufacture products in the Columbus Region including Honda, Boeing, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Whirlpool, and Abbott.

The Region is home to over 1,700 manufacturing establishments with nearly 90,000 employees, resulting in more than $15 billion in annual economic output.


The Columbus Region offers a steady pipeline of young talent, including numerous career and technical training centers that partner with industry to provide the training and skills needed for the modern manufacturer – cultivating talent for your plant floor and engineering office.

The Ohio State University is educating the next generation of engineers through its top ranked bachelor’s and graduate programs. RAMTEC is the nation’s only provider of robotics and advanced manufacturing certifications and partners with companies from across the Columbus Region including Honda and Whirlpool.

Partnerships across the Region between industry and high schools introduce students to advanced manufacturing and STEM at an early age.

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