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The Midwest’s Major Players

The Columbus Region is home to 15 Fortune 1000 companies and several Fortune 500 companies, such as Nationwide, L Brands, AEP and Cardinal Health.

These companies are joined by some of the world’s most recognizable brands—Scotts, DSW, Express and Abercrombie & Fitch—as well as fast-growing disruptors—CoverMyMeds, Eloquii—in choosing the Columbus Region for their headquarters and significant back office operations.

Large and fast-growing companies alike benefit from one of the nation’s top talent pools and a competitive cost of doing business. Companies operating in the Region continue to pursue innovation, often testing new processes and products in the Columbus market, which is demographically representative of the nation as a whole.

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The following scenario shows the cost of operating as a percentage of revenue for back-office operations:

Office Operating Costs

Project parameters: 200 jobs (office: SOC 13 and 43), 50,000 square feet, $10M land and building value, $1M tangible property (30% depreciation), $100M revenue, $5M in-state gross receipts, $10M profit
Metro Area Payroll Rent Taxes Total Cost Cost as a Percent of Revenue
Indianapolis $8.23M $0.98M $1.04M $10.27M 10.27%
Tampa $7.88M $1.30M $1.13M $10.32M 10.32%
Charlotte $8.70M $1.31M $0.72M $10.74M 10.74%
Nashville $8.28M $1.33M $1.15M $10.77M 10.78%
Atlanta $8.49M $1.33M $1.17M $11.00M 11.01%
Dallas $8.93M $1.31M $0.75M $11.01M 11.01%
Chicago $8.75M $1.51M $1.69M $11.96M 11.97%
Source: One Columbus; EMSI, 2018; Cushman & Wakefield, Q4 2018. Tax expenses included are related to property, corporate income and gross receipts.
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Quick Facts

  • Home to 15 Fortune 1000 headquarters, including five Fortune 500 headquarters.

  • Nearly 36,000 workers employed directly in 337 corporate managing offices.

  • The Columbus Region is within a 10-hour drive of 48 percent of all U.S. headquarters operations.

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