November 21, 2022

Success in economic development requires everyone to do their part. Entrepreneurs and investors must take the risk to start new companies and bring their bold ideas to market. Corporate entities must make strategic use of their resources and constantly innovate to compete globally. Elected leaders must make similar investments in public infrastructure and to partner with the private sector. Academic leaders must invest in research to help catalyze innovation and commercialize technologies. Community and workforce leaders must prepare the community and its citizens for the opportunities being created.

Finally, the economic development practitioner must put it all together, translate for all of the involved parties that have unique constraints and vocabularies, and inspire the teamwork necessary to get everyone to the table.

This Thanksgiving week, we would simply like to say thank you to all of those above and so many more that make it happen in our region, state, country and around the world. So much good comes from your work!

Let’s have a great week, lift each other up, and move forward together.

– Kenny McDonald