August 30, 2021

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”
-Albert Einstein

I had a short, but important conversation with a respected friend this past week. (Thank you for the time @Del_Boyette!) It was one of those conversations that reminded me of the difference between growth and development and the importance of pursuing and discussing both in equal measure.

I’m convinced that the language we use influences are actions and what we interpret to be our charge each day. In economic development, we often overuse the language of growth and underuse the terms that describe true development. We celebrate population, investment, and the physical growth within our country, states, and cities. We should, it is a sign of progress.

We also need to celebrate and use the language of development to remind ourselves of the critical actions needed to prepare our workforce, to build infrastructure that increases the quality of living for all people, and the creation of housing that provides community and not merely shelter. The language of development reminds us of the actual reason we pursue growth in the first place.

Let’s grow and develop our economies this week!

-Kenny McDonald