Forward As One


Live for remarkable moments.

Since 1964, NetJets has led the private aviation industry. With nearly 1,000 aircraft, including 10+ aircraft types, and access to more than 5,000 airports in 200+ countries and territories, NetJets owns and operates the world’s largest fleet of private jets. A variety of products for every travel solution gives customers the ultimate flexibility to fly when and where they desire in stunning luxury and comfort.

And with an unwavering focus on meeting—and exceeding—the highest standards in safety and service, only NetJets provides the ultimate peace of mind for private travelers.

A 60-plus-year legacy has been built in Columbus, and NetJets’ continued success is owed to this city—to its vibrancy, its growth, and, most importantly, its people. NetJets employees and leadership are passionate about the Central Ohio community, which is why NetJets continually participates in local philanthropy initiatives, supports regional aviation talent, and offers benefits with Columbus sports and entertainment.

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