Creative Force

January 25, 2016

What is honored in a country will be cultivated there.

The quote above is the central idea of a book I’m reading called the The Geography of Genius. It is a fascinating look at both culture and economics, and the forces that shape the places where genius and creativity thrive.

I am writing this from New Orleans, one of America’s most creative cities. Arts of all kinds are woven into the everyday culture here, and not separated from everyday life. Business leaders touch and feel creativity every day as a part of their routine. Is that an advantage?

The Columbus Region’s arts community launched Columbus Makes Art, which highlights the people who create art in Columbus. Artists share their stories of inspiration, challenges, passion, and incredible successes — and they all agree there’s no place they’d rather make their art.

Are we cultivating creative spaces that allow for different thinking and approaches to planning and economic development? Are we cultivating creative people, and exposing arts and entrepreneurial models to kids, businesses and governments each day? Are we inviting facilitators into our everyday processes that will force us to adapt and think differently about transportation, workforce training and marketing?

Seek a creative nook in your community. Visit an incubator, a makerspace or your local arts district. Hang out, look around, and be inspired.

-Kenny McDonald