Genesis Of A Gene Therapy Manufacturing Giant

Forge Biologic’s recent financing round turned out to be the largest Series B fundraise in Ohio’s history.

By Matthew Pillar // BioProcess / July 20, 2021


Gene therapy and biotech in the Columbus Region

Dr. Timothy Miller is leading an effort to build one of the world’s largest AAV gene therapy manufacturing facilities. The co-founder and CEO of Columbus, OH-based Forge Biologics has been scratching the regenerative medicine leadership itch for quite a while now. After a few years in the lab at Copernicus Therapeutics and Juventas Therapeutics, and a few more as product development lead at SironRX, he spent nearly seven years at the helm of Abeona Therapeutics after founding that company. If all that experience with clinical-stage organizations taught him anything, it’s that one key to longevity is a quick path to an elusive thing among clinical-stage biotechs: revenue.

When Forge Biologics was launched in 2020, therapeutics development was Dr. Miller’s vision as it has been throughout his career. What he sought, however, was to build an organization that could quickly achieve revenue. That is a tall order for a company focused exclusively on novel gene therapy development, where the timeline to revenue is typically measured in decades. To comfortably fuel its own pipeline, Forge would need a revenue engine.

That’s why, when he and his team of co-founders and investors dreamed up the company’s hub-and-spoke business model around regenerative medicine, they leaned heavily into something else they’d all learned along their journeys: gene therapy manufacturing.

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Biotech and Gene Therapy in Central Ohio

Forge Biologics is part of the biotech and health services industry, located in the Columbus Region. The biotech companies that provide the research for gene therapy treatments and other regenerative medicine therapeutics make the Columbus Region a strong player in the biotech field.

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