Constructing a Dialogue, Improving our Economy

September 15, 2011

To all of the Columbus2020! investors and allies that took time from their busy schedules last week to attend our event I would simply like to say thank you. We have terrific investors, and as Doug Kridler from The Columbus Foundation would say – smart people, open to new ideas, and the people that have them.

We will be providing the results of the Regional Economic Development Dialogue to our investors and our team will be diving into what we heard, but let’s review the themes of the day:

• Thanks to both the public and private sectors, the Columbus Region has resources to market the Region, connect with and leverage existing businesses, and accelerate entrepreneurial programs.

• The State of Ohio’s revamped economic system will include a lean office of development services and a private sector partner called JobsOhio built to be agile enough to act on opportunities for the entire state. The JobsOhio network will leverage regional public-private partnerships to help execute and align with communities across the state.

• Our breakouts showed that Columbus2020! investors are focused on practical solutions to our economic challenges (sound policies, efficient use of economic funds, and creative solutions that involve them).

• Finally – Hank Nothhaft spoke about focusing on the 80% that the majority of us agree upon to move forward, to find common-sense solutions to complex problems and to forge ahead on the issues that we can control – not those that we cannot.

A Short Note on the Anniversary of September 11th
According to a USA Today/Gallup poll ten years after the September 11th terror attacks, 28% of Americans say they have permanently changed the way they live as a result of that tragedy. What’s more, 58% believe that Americans overall have permanently changed the way they live. Let us never forget, and let these changes be for the better.

Columbus2020! Update
Our team is in Philadelphia this week, along with several others from Ohio to attend the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) fall forum. IAMC focuses on the unique needs of major industrial companies as they manage and locate facilities. We are preparing for several site visits and are following up on several from last week.

Kenny McDonald
Chief Economic Officer