Competing Against Yourself

July 15, 2019

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”
-Anne Sweeney

The Columbus Region is the recipient of many great rankings. Most rankings we tend to love and we often tout them to our stakeholders and prospects. Most are the result of data driven analysis, and they reinforce the work we do.

However, rankings don’t define a community, either positively and negatively. Communities and states are all constructed differently with diverse histories, and their civic leadership often has unique priorities.

The best communities compete hard for talent and investment, and while they do consistently compare themselves to others to measure progress, the best communities also define their own success. They set goals that are appropriate for who they are and where they want to go. They compete with themselves in order to set new standards for others to follow.

Let’s celebrate and take rankings seriously, but also work to define our own measures of achievement. And let’s have a great week!

-Kenny McDonald


One Columbus Update

  • Last week, Ohio jumped to a top 10 best state in America for business in 2019! Click here for the full rankings from CNBC.
  • This week, we are hosting companies evaluating the Columbus Region.