March 4, 2024


“If you sign up for moonshot thinking, if you sign up to make something 10x better, there is no chance of doing that with existing assumptions. – Peter Diamandis

Late last month, the United States successfully landed the Odysseus spacecraft on moon. We had not been back to the moon in 50 years. This endeavor was announced a few years ago and many wondered—why? This article spells it out—but let me summarize. ​​​​​

  • It is still important and has a purpose.
  • It is a steppingstone to the long-range goal – Mars.
  • It is an opportunity to spur more innovation and new thinking.
  • It is – STILL – inspiring.

What a great reminder for all of us to not be complacent with past accomplishments. Landing on Mars is not likely on your aspiration list, but it may seem just as hard to redevelop your central business district, create a high-performing school district, narrow the wealth gap between minorities, or fill that industrial park with high-wage manufacturing jobs. If you want to reach your goal, you’ll likely need to touch each steppingstone along the way—accomplishing smaller goals first.

Let’s have a terrific week, lift each other up, and move forward together!

Kenny McDonaldPresident and CEOColumbus Partnership